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Sending Artwork

Sending Your Artwork

Artwork Requirements

We require the following file types for these decorating methods:

If you already have your embroidery tape, we require Tajima DST files.  If you require digitizing of your logo (setup), the cost for a typical logo is approximately $65.00 and a promotions specialist will assist you when completing your order or estimate details.

Photoreal/Epoxy Domes
Please submit artwork in Adobe Illustrator vector format. Please convert all text to lines or curves.  If a placed/imported Adobe Photoshop (TIF or JPG) type image is necessary, that original file should be included. The Photoshop file (TIF or JPG) should be at least 300 dpi resolution or higher and the artwork should be sent to size.

Screen Printing, Pad Printing & All Other Methods
Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw vector artwork is preferred. Please save as an EPS and be sure to convert all text to lines or curves.

Unsupported art file formats: QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, InDesign and Freehand.

Note: Microsoft Office programs (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Excel, etc.) are not graphics programs and will not be recognized through art acceptance process.

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