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Lets face it, the best promotional products are items that really get used, or that people see every day. Electronics are everywhere. From items like cell phone cases and mp3 players, to laptop covers and games, get your brand noticed with useful items that everyone will use. Promotional exposure is priceless and name brand is everything. Don't miss out on some of the most exciting and influential promotional items in the marketplace today.

Mack MP3 Player: 4GB Mack MP3 Player: 4GB


As low as: $49.00

Cube Cardboard Paper Speaker Set Cube Cardboard Paper Speaker Set


As low as: $8.00

Pocket Fan Pocket Fan

$2.99   $2.29

As low as: $2.69

Portable Charger With LED Light
Portable Charger With LED Light


As low as: $31.65

Nano Speaker
Nano Speaker


As low as: $35.85

On-The-Go Car Charger
On-The-Go Car Charger


As low as: $1.59

iPhone4 Charging Case
iPhone4 Charging Case


As low as: $21.65

Mega Headphones
Mega Headphones


As low as: $9.50

Breeze - Mini Fan Breeze - Mini Fan


As low as: $1.98

Cord-IT Cable Manager Cord-IT Cable Manager

$4.19   $2.37

As low as: $3.39

Deco SD Card Reader Deco SD Card Reader


As low as: $7.29

Charger Case Charger Case

$8.91   $4.75

As low as: $6.79

2.4" Digital Photo Frame 2.4" Digital Photo Frame

$68.99   $41.24

As low as: $54.99

Screen Cleaner Screen Cleaner


As low as: $6.50

iPod Pack Computer Accessory Kit iPod Pack Computer Accessory Kit

$19.99   $11.89

As low as: $16.99

Mobile Projection Keyboard Mobile Projection Keyboard


As low as: $349.98

Silicone Keyboard Silicone Keyboard


As low as: $21.34

Emergency Cell Charger Emergency Cell Charger


As low as: $6.75


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